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backed up and covered her face after seeing cameras inía1t the courtroom. she in 2005 went on national tv to tell how she found a fing gler a bowl of chilly in san jose. later it turned out she had planted it herself. now, she's accused of filing a police report and fingering someone else after it appears her 26-year-old son shot himself in the ankle. >> any time you're trying to pin it on a warm body walking around, it's bold. >> filing a false report ais a misdemeanor but she's facing being a accomplice for her convicted son in possession of a gun. he came into court on crutch autos miss ayala faces a maximum of four years and mr. reyes, four years, eight months. >> police say ayala and reyes conducted an investigation only to hear the son recant
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while she stuck by her story. an innocent man was accused of shooting reyes. >> they gave specific information to the point to where we thought we had a suspect. we interviewed this person, conducting various forensic testing as far as residue goes. we treated it like a real deal. >> because of her conskrix concern, bail was set at $150,000.-3j@[ reyes will be ineligible for bail. outside of the court house her sister said they can't raise bail money but still will stand by her so she's a good person, she's my sister, i love her, i'll support her to the end. >> neither has an attorney yet, both will be back in court next friday to enter a plea and determine who will defend them. >> more information about the 2005 wendy's chili case.
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story didn't holdup. an investigation revealed her husband bought it from a co-worker who floift a work place accident this, shake down attempt cost wendy's big bucks, too. the chain estimated it lost about $21 million over. >> the murder of a tech investor is growing tonight. the 22-year-old is charged in this case appearing in court on murd skbrer robbery charges today. the details of the involvement have not been made public. the death of ravi come. mar stunned the community where he lived. three men and women have been charged with murder. all expected in court in mid march. >> an off duty police officertjd is being call aid hero tonight. abc 7 news is live in san jose tonight. he spoke with the officer and
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fiancee what. a story. >> it is a story. he says he wasn't planning on springing into action the way he did on this mob. he is a 17 year veteran in the force. his bee fee yauns yeah calls him nothing short after hazing. he says its in his blood to protect fellow citizens. >> screaming help me, help me. someone whipped out a taser. >> police sarge yenlt was expecting a quiet monday morning on bart on wait into san francisco with his fiancee to get their marriage license until a woman was being robbed on their car as that he approached the station. >> we turned and see a scuffle going on. tell meeg don't get involved. >> guilty. i told him not to get involved if it was under control. it was not under control. he jumped into action. >> i came closer and said
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listen i'm a police officer get on the ground. and i grabbed her arm. >> it sounds like it's out of a action film it and very well could be. sargeant coto's father is actor from "alien" and "midnight run". >> i threw them down and put them in a hold. >> he held the robber until bart police took 31-year-old jennifer davis into custody. davis being charged with a count r count of robbery and her probation, revoked. the 48-year-old victim left with her purse. >> the woman and i hope she sees this. she came and thanked me so sincerely so. nice to be thanked that way. so then, then, the sargeant was asked to stay to give a report. >> we had a prepaid appointment that i couldn't miss he left his contact information with other
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officers and he and his pride to be made to it their appoint wmt four minutes to spare. sargeant cot oo. had many injuries over his years he has to have a knee surgery to rae place parts of the knee. he says, the 47-year-old said that will force him into early retirement this year, no retirement date has been set. he says marriage comes first, just weeks away in march. reporting live in san jose, abc 234u7s. >> good husband. >> we wish them very well. a rising star in state politic as nouns aid resignation today, he says he's quitting because of family reasons and becoming a lobbyist for chevron. one analyst says it was an up and comer. >> it puts them short of that, making it difficult.
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and because he's a rising star. democrats looking for people from that part of the state g going to wish they were in leadership position. >> rubio was the for front to make the quality laws more business-friendly. >> police are in favor of gun buy back programs and so are private citizens. now, a nonprofit asked law students to take a look into whether proms are effective. and is supporting a buy back event. >> in about an hour there will be a vigil and event to support the end of gun violence and a bigger event in east palo alto. and get cash. they have been a huge success, police departments in the bay area have embraced gun buy
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back programs. now, three cities, menlo park, palon] alto and east palo alto asking gun owners to surrender weapons no questions asked. >> the focus of this event is not investigative. it's simply to get guns and remove them from unwanted places. and so, focus is on destruction of firearms not criminal investigations. >> in marin county 800 weapons were handed over to police. pay back waso7aft $110,000. tomorrow event will be neld a parking lot. but money to buy back guns will come are a nonprofit called protect our children. the organization is also interested in finding out whether these buy backs are effective. james cook is with protect our children. >> we've got three students from law school helping us in
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gathering to see how effective this has been. >> three police departments have agreed to work with the stanford students but the institute in oakland has already collected data from other police departments nationwide. >> maybe old gun that's don't work well. you're if the going get guns people use in crime. criminals have guns for a reason. they're tools of the trade. if you don't give up tools of the trade. >> pd says it's a start in the right direction. >> that is something if the home is burglarized could fall into the hands of a criminal. >> here is a breakdown. bring handgun you get $100. $200 for a rifle, $300 for an assault weapon. again, event begins at 10:00 in the morning and ends at 2:00 p.m. again.
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owe thank ym÷10 lark spur golden gate ferry trying to solve problems and a number of riders are complaining about. sold out boats and a lack of parking. officials considering several ideas including building a new structure near the ferry terminal and includes charging for parking in that lot. it's something free for commuters. and for giants fans one way ferry service could increase to $11. >> wow. >> the launching of ferry service in south san francisco brought a wave of upgrades to the oyster point marinea. engineers widen entrance to accommodate those large ferries but that caused larger than expected waves in rocked boats there. to fix it, $8 million invested to install a floating brick water system. it helps absorb waves and stabilize the boat. >> coming up here on abc 7
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news at 5:00 a big pot bust in the south bay is not the only thing growers were doing. >> a drug just approved today that is bringing a last dose of hope for women with late stage breast cancer. >> i'm sandhya patel. sprinkles and spring like weather coming up. >> also here, vatican gets ready to usher out technology the pope was first to embrace. stay
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gilroy police bust aid huge illegal marijuana growing operation. the police department sent us these pictures of what is a sophisticated operation. officers collected 468 plants.
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that is a street value of more than $600,000. you one man has been arrested on charges of illegal cult vacation and for illegally tapping into utility autos the vatican has a big tas tok let the pope's successor but they've made a decision when it comes to his twitter account. it's followed by two million people but vatican radio announced once benedict leaves they'll close the accountmen accountment -- account. >> fda approved a weapon in the fight against breast cancer developed by a bay area company. it's what doctors call a smart bomb against a specific type of tumor. it could be the first in a new generation of cancer treatments. >> the. >> i was dig nieced to my
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studies. >> a type doctors consider incurable. she under goes chemotherapy and deals with side affects. >> hair loss, nausea in the past. other gismt issues. general feelingqtqe< of ickines. >> she is receiving a new drug designed to attack the cancer without attacking her. trials show it helps fight a specific type of tumor found in about 20% of patients. and according to the doctor who ran this study it makes them as sick. >> in hair loss, limited just very few side affects we have a number of patients whose cancers slung away, some for a number of years. >> for the drug maker there is hope that it could usher in a new era of treatments. >> it's ushering in what is called antibody drug autos it's a kinld of drug he says delivers a one two, punch, it
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seeks out cancer cells once absorbed the drug goes on the attack. this one is only attracted to tumor was what is called her two plus protein but others are on the way. >> we have 25 in various stages of research and develop. are targeting everything from prostate and lung cancer. >> it's approved for only most-advanced stages and can extend the lives of terminally ill patients by five months and for denise it's also about the quality of life. >> my life hopefully will be more normal again. >> we have very sad news to report tonight about beloved san francisco opera singer who lost her battle with lung cancer, she was amazing. >> she appeared on stages here and around the world. she was known for her talent, personality, warmth and wicked
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sense of humor marrying her radiation doctor during this. she spent her last night surround bid family and friends who sang "somewhere over the rainbow". she became a fierce warrior in the battle against lung cancer. site. >> what a loss. former secretary of state mad lynn al bright says she does not think china is a military threat to the united states. all bright spoke in front of a packed floom a forum organized by the common wealth club. i was there to moderate. among the topics the task of reaching peace in the middle east and china's growing presence in the south china sea. >> great many resources in the sea. the chinese are resource hungry. they are climbing -- claiming sovereignty. so are the japanese and
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vietnamese. >> also she is professor of international real yailations at georgetown university in washington. >> big crowd for that. >> yes. 900 people. >> well. >> love the weather today, too. >> can't beat it. >> a weekend forecast. >> and it's looking fabulous. there are some small change autos a weak system and what that will bring in just a moment. live look as well, checking out our live doppler 7. you'll notice some high clouds are moving in but no rain at this point. san jose you'll notice, it's sunny. the high some areas in the north bay like napa, at the airport mid-60s.
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are temperatures falling in san jose. showing you a different vantage point check out the beautiful view. high clouds, harmless. 60 degrees fairfield. here is a look at what is coming. you're going to notice more clouds around. spring yelz developing overnight tonight. blue, breezy and looking at milder weather sunday. as a matter of fact check out the cold front. pacific northwest is getting rain and snow. it's a weak front bit time it reaches us it will not amount to more than sprinkles. 11 p.m. tomorrow cold front is coming through. a couple blips here and then, it's done by around 6:00 or 7:00 breezy conditions in the morning.
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and mostly sunny skies. the weather is looking fabulous. tomorrow morning not as cold with increasing clowning cloud cover so we're looking at upper 30s. most other areas will be into 40s to start off the morning. and saturday, 63 in santa cruz. san jose, 62 degrees, coastal areas in mid-50s so you'll probably need long sleeves on the coats. daily city, 556789 downtown 58 degrees. in the north bay, 63 in santa rosa. temperatures upper 50s to low 60s, inland areas, 63 in fairfield. and as you check out the forecast for chinese new year parade it's looking great. the year of the snake. 54 degrees and breezy. clear skies with getting cool as the day or night goes on.
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temperatures 49 degrees, we've had rain. this year you're going with a dry forecast. accu-weather forecast breezy, cooler for saturday after sprinkles. warmer, sunnier. into sunday looking at friday forecast. in february goitsing to feel like spring. low 60s to 70s. you can follow on twitter. it's a great resource for latest weather conditions.eiaqp and get tweets from your favorite weather team. >> oscars now just two days away. 2:00. >> you can countdown to the biggest night with our oscars
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trailing video and from the red carpet. >> you can get the experience by down loading our oscarsego app. >> and there is more abc 7 is hosting a virtual party on our facebook page this sunday. all have you to do to get your invitation is like us on facebook then hang out with 95,000 fans to post your opinion on the flops. >> our coverage begins at 2:00 pchl with on the red carpet live. the big show begins at 5:30. >> following oscars will weel have a recap of the biggest moments and your path to after parties. jimmy kimmel's special airs at 10:00 follow bid abc 7 news at 11:00. >> wow, up next your ticket to
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a family free day at one of the with best museum buzz you need to hurry to use it. >> then at 6:00 nick lasalle >> then at 6:00 nick lasalle on politics of thedays of walkig
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to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because your efforts help komen serve millions of women and men facing breast cancer every year. visit to register or to request more information today. it was 3 days of pure joy. ♪ and it's beautiful
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it's oscar weekend, right sf. >> right. >> we want to treat you like a star. >> when you're a star people give you things. >> are you looking for swag? okay. let's start with tup yils. aren't those butte snfl. >> they are. >> i knew you cared. >> yes. yes.>óny >> pier 39 if you've been there, this is tours of the plannings and a -- how to plant your own. and you send up at the, i want to get this right free
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beverages. >> i knew you cared. >> and then, it's also family day at sf, moma. let me show you video. you should go. sunday is the free family day. between 11:00 and 4:00 p.m. children aged 12 and under are free. up to four adults per child so. stack up on the friends. ask it will be free. >> we have to find out how to get this, first. >> right there. you can log on any time. you can get some free coffee and free legos. >> hooking us up. >> thank you. >> sure. >> coming up
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coming up at 6:00 a lawsuit accuses a well known vacation company of tricking thousands of time shares they cannot afford and a congressman learn what's automatic cuts could mean to local economy. and space age technology going underground. a robot looking for leaks and keeping our neighborhood safe coming up at 6:00. now back to dan and cheryl. >> see you then. >> oakland lake merit going through quite a makeover. >> officials celebrating the opening of a channel closed off 140 years it will allow boaters in the oldest wildlife preservation to once again paddle from the lake to san francisco bay. >> the section was open today for the first time since the 18 60s.
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and the city will hold a celebration for this and other improvements later this summer. it's a beautiful day. >> fun to see that. is going to do it for us. wofrld news coming up next. >> from all of us here, thanks for watching. we appreciate your time. we'll see you ag this is "world news," and right now, millions of us are slipping and sliding across highways layered with treacherous ice. watch as this bus careens into a light post. cars trapped on highways, or out of control, and we report from the middle of the storm. showdown. live from iran on the eve of nuclear talks, why some americans are being cheered by the iranians tonight, and david muir is there. real money. on oscar weekend we show you a new way to save a lot of cash on movie tickets and popcorn. and our person of the week. >> "thelma & louise" ride again.
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>> i sit down with my friend robin roberts who tells all of us how to find the strength inside you don't even know you have. >> i feel strength like i have never felt before. >> good evening. as we come on the air this friday night, millions of people are trying to drive home on sheets of ice. the giant snowstorm still on the move. think of these images as a kind of sos, planes paralyzed, highways a danger zone. as one monster storm is winding down, another is powering up. abc's john schriffen is in minneapolis where streets have become a kind of slip-and-slide. >> reporter: snowy, icy roads tonight turning much of the midwest into a deadly

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